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Your allround roofer in Sneek is Dakcentrum Wolvega B.V.. We are delighted to welcome you to our website. Contact us for:

  • roof leakage
  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof replacement

Need something else? Feel free to ask us about it. Read more information about our work and how we can help you below. Do you have another question or do you want to make an appointment? Give us a call on 085 - 106 10 02.

More about us

Don’t doubt about our qualifications. We provide you certified roofers in Sneek that worked with flat and slanted roofs for many years. Being a certified roofer is not enough. We guarantee that we deliver solely quality by actively keeping track of new developments in the roofing business. The costs for for example fixing a leakage or repairing a gutter can vary depending on the type of roof and the materials to replace or fix them with. We can provide you with a price indication.

Roof leakage

It is best to contact our roofer in Sneek as soon as you discover a roof leakage in your ceiling. He can fix your leakage, so further breakdown of your ceiling is prevented. Depending on the cause of the leakage, your insurance might compensate for the costs you make. Contact them to make sure.

Roof repair

Do you need help with repairing your roof, blown of tiles or other problems with your roof? Our roofer in Sneek is specialised in roof repair. We know best how horrible it is to have to deal with a broken roof. That is why we are determined to fix you roof. We always make sure your roof is working properly. Don’t hesitate to call or mail us if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment to repair your roof.

Roof isolation roofer Sneek

Roof isolation is a very good choice considering the fact that it lowers your expenses on gas and your comfort of living in the house increases. A slant roof with tiles, a flat roof with roofing felt, they all can be insulated. Our roofer in Sneek is your roof insulation specialist. You can choose to isolate the inside of your roof, the outside of your roof, your dormer windows or the ceiling of your house.

Contact our roofer in Sneek

The roofers of Dakcentrum Wolvega B.V. are always ready and pleased to assist you with your roofing troubles. We provide quality by using only the best materials and always strive towards quick and effective solutions. Make sure to call us on 085 - 106 10 02 or contact us via our contactform. We are glad to help you!